Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Queen Rania : New Year festivities & Board Meeting on 05/07

First of all , I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year !!!

During the holiday , Queen Rania posted two photos on her social networks accounts.

The first is an official photo of King Abdullah , Queen Rania , Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma and Prince Hashem. The photo was used to wish a Happy New Year to the Jordanian people and the people involved with Queen Rania's charities.

The second one is a picture of the family on December 31st. Queen Rania captioned the photo with a lovely comment : " Best way to usher in the New Year, quietly and simply and with lots of love " 

Yesterday, Queen Rania got back to work. Her first meeting of 2015 was a board meeting with the Royal Health Awareness Society’s (RHAS) Board of Trustees.

The Royal Health Awareness Society is chaired by Queen Rania and seeks to raise health awareness of Jordanian people.

 The RHAS create preventative and safety program and their work is based on 5 Core Values: Care, Experience,  Work Ethics , Volunteerism and Participation. 

I know Queen Rania's blouse is from Joseph but I couldn't find a picture of it without tags so I will update the psot as soon as I find one.

You can see a video from the meeting here.

(+) Queen Rania is wery active at promoting Jordan. Recently, she posted a link through her Twitter Account to an article named : "8 reasons to visit Jordan". Here it is , if you want to read it .

Credit: Queen Rania's Facebook page

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